The Young Musician


Daniela discovered her affinity for singing when she was 12 years old, and started taking lessons in her hometown of Panama City, Panama. At 16, she began playing classical piano as well. During her high school years she performed with the cast of AIP Theater in The Wiz, West Side Story, Footloose, and Legally Blonde. She was also a featured performer in Emory's AdHoc's Fall 2013 production of Rent.

Furthering her Education


Daniela studied classical piano and theory at Emory University before transferring to Berklee College of Music for Professional Music, focusing on composition and arranging. At Berklee, she was selected to work as a Core Music Tutor, a position which involves tutoring fellow Berklee students in Music Application and Theory, Tonal and Jazz Harmony, Arranging, Ear Training, Counterpoint, and Conducting. There, she became a CRLA-certified tutor, before graduating in December 2015 Cum Laude.



Daniela focuses on teaching voice lessons, tutoring, and providing musical direction for musical theater productions.


Her diverse musical background enables Daniela to teach music with a holistic approach, focusing on technique, musicianship, vocal health, and performance techniques. Daniela also composes, arranges, plays the piano, offers workshops, and performs live and for her growing youtube audience. 

When she's away from the microphone . . .

Daniela enjoys cooking healthy vegan meals and keeping an active lifestyle (which she recommends to all vocalists!) by doing yoga and some form of cardio.  Daniela occasionally acts in musical theater productions. She is an avid board game player, a fan of makeup and skincare, an occasional vlogger, and a lover of philosophy.